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poster for The 8th Circle
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poster for The 8th Circle
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beauty - pointer and pencil on paper.
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Wisdom - i took inspiration for this from a dali painting. its a quick 5 minute sketch, pencil on paper.
scream - a reflection of what i was feeling at the time.
charcoal, chalk and rubber on paper.
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the first family - a portrait of my sister's family.
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alyaan and the octopus - a sample illustration done for a children's story book.
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two of a kind - i did this for a friend of mine. a caricature of her with myself.
acrylic on canvas.
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wont you come out to play? - crayon on paper. did this when i was extremely bored.
acrylic and glue on paper. done with a wooden stick, a comb and a fork.
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all-star wierdo (self portrait) - crayon on paper.
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plop - still from animation 'God Likes Watching TV'. Scratched on 35mm negative with a compass needle and painted with a coloured marker.
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over my shoulder - water colour and pointer on paper.
pointer and chalk on tea-stained paper
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family - design entry for the Dont Panic design pack. i opted for a hand written type based design to describe the sounds that surround the average family.
pencil and pointer on paper.
arabic caligraphy
what lies yonder - done in photoshop.
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Call for entires poster - a call for entries poster for an illustrated poster exhibition due to be held next year.
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the forbidden fruit - illustration for an anti-biotic ICEF-CEFIXIME brochure.
card game - Promotional card game for Olper's milk.
good grades good kids
F for RUN!
fitting into old clothes
bad hair day
bake sale
burnt breakfast
there goes my dress!
thoughtful husband
1st prize
no water
power breakdown
that dress!
quality time

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