'My Happy Place' exhibition prints available now at The Gathered Store?
Head over to One Fine Baby? Sydney this weekend or pre-order a print to help support The Dandelion Support Network at http://www.thegatheredstore.com/collections/art-prints-1?page=2
Bow Tie Bunny
Yellow Cat
"Trouble Makers", part of a series of portraits I did for NYCC 2015 @piq
Black Bear
Paper Rabbit
Bear Sketch
Bubble Bear
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Do not buy this fabric from Wondan-ae or Ilovelot.com (Korea) as this fabric illegally uses my bear character + violates a copyright. The title of the fabric is "funny cats and veggie cotton fabric"

If anyone has info on the company/manufacturer that created this fabric, please contact me...Spread the word + thanks everyone for all the support!

Wondan-ae (Korea)

Ilovelot.com (Korea)
Black Bubbles
Pink Bubbles
2 Ghosts
Pink Rabbits
Black + White Cookie
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Bubble Gum
My Crystal Bearer for The Quiet Company" (a collaborative project with designer Bubi Au Yeung).
Position: Deliver gems to the employees to help clear the energy in their cubicles

Tumblr: http://thequietcompany.tumblr.com/post/59461751172/crystalbearer
Instagram: @thequietcompany
"The Bunnywisher" for The Quiet Company" (a collaborative project with designer Bubi Au Yeung).
Position: Makes wishes come true when the staff looks at the clock at exactly 11:11 am
Chalkboard Wall at Peter Kato's Studio
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Chanel Bears
Rainy Day
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Sit Tight

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