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  • Andrea Putaggio

    Lead Industrial Designer @ Huawei Sweden

    Stockholm, Sweden

Ciao! my name is Andrea Putaggio, I am an Industrial Designer originary from Milan, Italy and since 2012, I am operative in Stockholm, Sweden. I am confident of 7 years of professional practice designing for both B2C and B2B markets. I studied at Politecnico di Milano, achieving a BA in User Centred Design and a MA in Design Engineering, with an excellent 105/110 score. I worked as industrial designer for both small and large ID consultancies, as freelancer, as consultant, as in-house designer for a nascent brand and as design lead within a corporate RND environment. By living and working in Italy, China and Sweden I have constantly compared, shared and learned various design methodologies and approaches to innovation. Besides that, my passion for travel and backpacking always put me in touch with diverse and sometimes exotic lifestyles, cultures, foods and creative stimuli,learning to respect differences and to enjoy the complexity of our glocal world. Along the way I have been in touch with a moltitude of professionists spanning from design and architecture to business and marketing, to engineering and industrial manufacturing, to arts and craftmanship. I learned a lot from all of these adjacent areas of expertise: I am joyfully thrilled by the steep learning curve I experience when confronted with a new assignment. I have learned how to create good design through honest, safe, long lasting products, that appeal users because they of their thoughtfullness, functionality, intuitiveness, sustainbility, perceived quality and because of a certain sobriety that transcend fashion, integrating the products into the customer’s everyday journey. My current role is Lead Industrial Designer for Wireless Products at Huawei: I am responsible for the conception and set-up of a reliable design strategy and its operative implementation in product designs with a 1 to 5 years-to-market. On a broader perspective, my professional commitment includes introducing a User Centred Approach to the multidisciplinary projects, as well as pushing an engineering driven RnD towards more contemporary methodologies and business conception of the Design Driven Organization. My contributions have been recognized by international design awards (iF Design Award, IDEA, Good Design, ADI INDEX), by exhibitions (Triennale di Milano), by several patents filing, by client satisfaction, by esteem and recognition from colleagues and managers and by personal and professional growth. If you want to know more about my experience and services, or only to connect and share ideas, please contact me at ay time, I'll be glad to meet you! Regards, Andrea Putaggio

Work Samples

  • @ DesignGroupItalia + 3M Post-it

  • DesignGroupItalia + 3M AMD

Work History

  • Lead Industrial designer

    • Huawei Sweden
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Apr 2012 - Present (5 years 8 months)

    Strategic and Tactic Industrial Design within multidisciplinary projects of high complexity Wirless Products:
    B2B equipment such as Radio Base Stations, Antennas and Small Cells.
    Huawei Sweden is a strategic think-tank: we look into the future 5 years ahead to generate innovative ideas and turn concept designs into working prototypes, acting as Pathfinders for the organization.
    Telecom equipment is an exciting industrial sector which only recently has seen the involvement of industrial designers.
    My mission as Lead Designer is to increase the Desirability of the products and the Brand Recognition through Human Centred Innovation.
    The involvement of the ID team starts early on in projects with researching and envisioning strategies and goes all the way down to manufacturing details.
    User Centered Design is at the heart of our thinking and work.
    Functionality and Rationality, Elegance and Discipline in Design drive our decisions.
    We mock-up and test our ideas as early as they are generated, we put all of our efforts into every slight detail that makes usability tasks easier and improves the aesthetic integration into the environment.
    By understanding the principles of the many branches of engineering involved in the development of Wireless Products, the ID team generates waterproof concept designs. A lot of problem solving is involved into preserving the design intent throughout the development cycle: the Industrial Design Team proposes a pool of solutions and the daily interaction with the engineering functions ensure the best ones are selected and implemented into the final models.
    Our explorations of the future turn into real-scale, working prototypes to learn from, change and improve continuously.

  • Designer & Product Engineer

    At Design Group Italia I had the extraordinary opportunity to design exciting products for some of the world's leading brands like 3M, ABB, Unilever, Chicco, Beta Utensili, Etto...
    Projects varied from Fast Moving Consumer Goods to consumer electronics, lighting, sporting goods and B2B equipment like electric cabinets and equipment or an electric car charging unit.

    Every project at Design Group Italia poses completely new and diverse challenges and by confronting daily with a heterogeneous mix of design professionals I had a very steep learning curve in every aspect of the design profession: from marketing and branding to strategic design, from usability to aesthetic definition and refinement, from vision to concept engineering, from product architecture definition to engineering and design for manufacturing.

    With time I also experienced project mgmt activities, I dealt with clients, suppliers, planned activities, performed health-checks and delivered both projects and complete working pre-series.

  • Industrial Designer and Product Engineer

    Design and development of the product lines for the brand Sowden.
    Brand and product design for a large set of cookware, table and kitchenware.

    Technical innovations, design sensibility and care for the users allowed to achieved a great result, from the overall brand identity and family feeling to the very last detail.

    Designing with natural materials like porcelain and wood, to be joined with metals and technical sub-assemblies was a great challenge, mostly in regards to guarantee a high quality standard on the overall product portfolio.
    Design and manufacturing loops allowed to fine tune shapes, dimensioning and processes.
    Quality was optimized by assessing a number of prototypes and pre-series.

  • Industrial Designer and Product Engineer

    • SoftRay
    • Changzhou, China
    • May 2008 - Oct 2008 (5 months)

    I worked at SoftRay as a IAESTE intern.
    SoftRay is a LED lighting company based in Jiangsu, SoftRay is also an official partner of Osram.

    I both developed concept proposals to explore new business opportunities for the company within the Chinese market and developed and engineered some light fixtures for the company own production.

    Working at SoftRay and deep diving into Chinese culture and society by daily work and life was a unique, exceptional experience.

  • Industrial Design Intern

    In my brief experience at Stace ID consultancy, I developed the concept for the Bike Baby Seat that became the dissertation topic in my Master in Design Engineering.

    By adopting a User Centred Design approach to product conception, I went out from schools and kindergartens to talk, take pictures and movies of parents and kids using their products.

    The empathetic involvement of users throughout the design process led me to a generate User Centred Innovations, that increased the perceived value of the product and its desirability.


  • PTC University

    • Pro-E Advanced User Pro-E Creo
    • 2011 - 2011
  • Politecnico di Milano

    • Master Design Engineering
    • 2006 - 2009
  • HOWEST University of Kortrijk

    • Intensive Workshop Multidisciplinary Approach to Product Innovation
    • 2008 - 2008

    • The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
    • 2008 - 2008
  • Politecnico di Milano

    • Bachelor Industrial Design
    • 2002 - 2006



http://www.huawei.com http://www.designgroupitalia.com http://www.sowdendesign.com http://www.softray.com.cn http://www.stace.it http://innovation.howest.be http://www.thedesignblog.org/entry/your-kiddo-too-can-now-enjoy-wind-in-the-hair-biking/ http://www.design.polimi.it