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Sort 'n Soar Rocket - This is one of my favorites.
I set out to create a shape sorter that would encourage the child to sort again and again.
Once all 5 shapes have been inserted, the rocket counts down and BLASTS OFF! spilling them all out again.
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Guess 'n Match Carrot Patch - I think I sold this farm themed electronic memory game to the Big Wigs with the catchy name alone. Children could search for animals by sound or color or match Mamas to babies.
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Crazy Legs Noodle Bug - A pull-toy/shape-sorter with no piece clean up required! I've been happy to see this item get refreshed every year.
The name was a goofy working title that somehow became official. I find it a refreshing change from two verbs separated by "'n"!
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Alphabert and Sprocket's Sonic Phonics - VTech's Reading FUNdamental team called me away from my preschool duties to help refresh their popular Alphabert laptop.
I came up with Sprocket. This motorized mini-bot added some fun and verbal interplay to the toy and gave them another character to expand their brand.

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