day01. self portrait.
day02. imaginary friend.
"are you sure which side of the glass you're on?"
day03. most recent dream.
day05. childhood memory.
day06. what's in your bag.
day07. hybrid animal.
day08. scene from a movie.
day09. siamese twins!
day10. superhero
"free pass"
day11. supervillain.
"the merchant of death"
day12. an elderly person.
day13. a freaking baby.
"your love is not enough"
day14. portrait of a pet
day15. a dinosaur.
"adapt or extinct"
day17. a delicious food.
"hey pig piggy pig pig pig"
day18. ZOMBIES!
"a zombie salary-man"
day22. favorite cartoon character.
day23. actor/actress.
"guess who?"
day25. best friend.
day26. instrument.
day28. your zodiac sign.
day29. the meaning of your name.

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