Motorsport Nationals Drift Demo Flyer - Developed logo and design style to reflect the chaotic nature of drifting for this large-scale motorsports event.
2009 Silencer Shoot Poster - Composited multiple images to create a cohesive environment. Main focus was on image retouching and color correction for the shooter.
2008 Silencer Shoot Poster - Composited several images to form one cohesive scene. A large amount of retouching and color correction/grading went into the soldier.
2008 Silencer Shoot Poster - Silencer Shoot poster that ran in several national magazine campaigns.
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S3 Magazine Spread - Double truck for an exclusive drifting event. Detailed masking and compositing to try and portray chaos and energy in this spread.
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S3 Magazine Spread - Intense masking and compositing to try and tie all the photos together with chaos and energy.
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Drift Invasion Flyer - My primary focus was solid typography, vibrant colors, and information hierarchy.
Drift Invasion Flyer - Focus on typography, rich vibrant colors, and a feeling of kinetic energy in the flyer's design.
S3 Magazine Cover - Image retouching and typography for this magazine cover.
Slide America DVD Cover - Image retouching and layout for this documentary that I made about drifting in North America.
Coca-Cola M5 Poster - 18x24" collaboration poster with MK12 for the launch of the M5 project.
Coca-Cola M5 Poster - 36x48 oversized collaboration poster with Lobo for the M5 launch.

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