Rock The Foundation - An annual event for Oakton Community College employees.
Creative Crusader - Logo for Denis Berkson who is considered one of the countries leading authorities in creative thinking.
Early Childhood Education Centers
Logo development for SGA - The bottom logo was chosen for 2010.
SGA logo in 2009
BSA logo in 2008
WOW - The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service awarded Oakton a grant totaling almost $60,000 through its Labor-Management Cooperation Grant Program. The funds support efforts to improve labor-management relationships and organizational effectiveness. WOW! (Working on Oakton’s Wellness) is designed to improve employee health and welfare; reduce the College’s controllable health care costs; and facilitate better labor-management communication.
The Green Committee at Oakton College
Logo development for Academic Affairs Department at Oakton Community College - The middle logo was chosen
RHC Technology Center Groundbreaking at Oakton Community College
RHC Technology Center development
Health Services at Oakton College
Banner Application Development team
The bottom logo was chosen
ID Show - Logo created in 2007 for ID Show, Faculty Art Exhibition. This logo has been used every year.
Athletic Conference
Educational Foundation logo/stationary
Futures Unlimited - Every year, the Futures Unlimited, a whole day event introduces junior high school girls to careers in science, technology, and math.
The Buzz at Oakton Community College - Logo for Student Life Calendar
Computer Technology Information Systems

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