Drawings - Home build, this is a Set of LAMA car to be easy to assemble in a garage. Cheap and 75 % recyble (Material, Aluminum, Plastic , Frabic,Iron ,) no glass , no street legal only for sport.
Drawings - 3 Views of this concept car model for easy to assemble and reproduce at home , No street legal .
TRUCK CABIN - Moder Rag Drawing of A cabin Truck.
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Drawings - Police car, design to get relative close to any suspect car and used a board spike tire attach to the door. Automatic tire puncher control on the Steering wheel.
Drawings - Reinforce steel bars around the police car for have duty coalition without damage police car. Front of the car use a heavy duty iron steel bar to punch any vehicle .And Strong Side door bar for ultimate protection.
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CAR . TAIL GATE . - quick sketch of 2020 car design .
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Car vixxts - Lines makes the car look whatever you want. Crude sketch of 45 angle view in graphic and color pencil. detailing inside as the outside of the car.
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bugle - your army little combat laser car year 2090 urba combat zone war.
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Van - Utility Van

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