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Job Hunting! - Looking for work in the Boston area.
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Wolfbot - http://adam.theoherns.com/2007/03/20/wolfbot-underway/
Black & Decker: Handisaw - I'm currently designing full time for Black & Decker in Towson, Maryland. My first products will hit shelves shortly.
Viagra desk organizer - I wanted to do a pop-up calculator. They didn't get the joke. :( This design holds a pad of paper and a pen in the back.

I did dozens of trinkets like this--primarily nationally branded medical companies--as freelance in college. I must say that I very much enjoy having Viagra on my resume.
Microsoft Lifecam - Freelance subcontract with a talented consultancy called Lakeside Product Development in Seattle. Of the several projects I've done with this particular group, this final product ended up very close to one of my designs (one of many proposed designs and color schemes shown here).
YummyWorks Logo - Yummy Media hired me to do some "on-screen product design" for a 3D MP3 player they're developing, and while I was at it they let me redo their logo. I really enjoyed the opportunity, and love the result.
HP notebook concept - Part of a larger system of products, this ultra-thin tablet-converting notebook--contrary to popular opinion by outsiders--is absolutely feasible in its intended context. It was designed around the necessary components based on forthcoming technologies. Who knows what will happen with Fiorina gone, but it was an incredibly exciting project on which to spend a summer working.

This was my own design, but I could not have done it without the support of the talented HP team.
HP dtr stand concept - Another large part of the converting tablet PC concept project was a "Desktop Replacement" docking stand, or "DTR" stand. This one takes the tablet in its open form and mounts it intuitively onto an ergonomically adjustable stand with large speakers, and wireless keyboard and mouse.

This is not a group project: it is of my own design.
New Modo Tutorial - I'm trying to incorporate much of the training info that I'd created for cadjunkie.com into my blog, and as a part of that process I've added a new tutorial for a rapid render setup for product design in Luxology's Modo 401. I hope it's helpful! Check it out here: http://adam.theoherns.com/2009/07/31/modo-rendering-101/
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This was a quick project to explore some of the new features in Modo 401. What you see here is 100% Photoshop-free 3D, rendered directly out of Modo.

See adam.theoherns.com to download the full-res desktop wallpaper.

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