This is an atmospheric water generator which extracts water from the air. It then cleans,pocesses,stores and distributes drinking water. It features hot & cold water, drinking vessels, cold storage nook and a built in automated washing drawer system in front.
This is the console area of the aquarian atmospheric water generator. The form of the faucet was inspired by a wave of water, it has a hose inside and is detachable from the main console. A water drain around the drinking vessel prevents overflow and spills.
Height limit configurations are shown for the aquarian water generator. A motor driven scissor jack mounted onto a translating support cradle ensures the adjusted height of the system is constantly in equilibrium. A retractable undercarriage allows for mobility.
The various innovations incorporated into the design of the aquarian water generator. It is designed with concern for flexibility, adaptability and independence. The system provides a sustainable method of retrieving,processing,storing and dispensing drinking water.

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