Navigator Modem Router - Sketches - A selection of initial design sketches for the Navigator modem & router unit. The purpose of these sketches was to explore a diversity of new forms that would embody an integrated modem and router unit. These sketches led to sketch refinement and 3D concept development.
Navigator Modem & Router - A design of a wireless router and modem in one unit, featuring a router with internal antennae connecting to reflector plates on either side,a DOCSIS 3.0 high speed modem and a clear user interface. The overall goal was to integrate and simplify internet connection.
Navigator Modem & Router - Schematics - Shown here are the power reset buttons, sockets and LED indicator schematics for the Navigator modem & router. The unit features LAN and wireless networking, a language-less iconic backlit user interface with independent modem and router reset buttons.

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