Hey you! And thanks for stopping by:) I'm Kalle, a 34-year-old guy from Finland with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and I happen to have a huge interest for 3D modeling and CGI in general. Here you can find samples of my personal works from the last few years. I've got excellent skills in polygon modeling (Blender) and CAD modeling (SolidWorks). You'd probably think I'm a bit of a mismatch surely, but hey, I got the artistic gene from my mom and the technical gene from my dad. So, take a look around and give me a holler if there's something I can help you out with. Take care and have an awesome day! Kalle

Work Samples

  • Screw Darwin!

  • Mom's kitchen

  • Concept Watch

Work History

Experience: Over 5 years of 3D modeling experience gained through freelancing.


  • Turku University of Applied Sciences

    • Bachelor of Engineering Machine Automation Technology
    • 2002 - 2007

    Technical skills SolidWorks (excellent skills), Rhino 3D (moderate skills), Photoshop/GIMP, Inkscape, Sculptris, MS Office suite (Good skills), Blender 3D (excellent skills).



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