Elicottero per il trasporto cargo - Artech Design: pubblicazione 2004 - premierbook - "Created in Russia - Industrial Design"
RO (2004) - "for removing prebonded strands"
cliente: GREAT LENGTHS International srl
YooxWORLD - http://www.yoox.com/yooxworldflash.asp
robo (2004) - cliente: ATELIER BIAGETTI (Milano)
HELICOPTER MI-x77 - pubblicazione:
Car Design
mobility and technologies
N1 sept. 2004, Italy, Milan

The helicopter for transportation of large-sized
cargoes was developed at co-operation with SPbUAP in
2002. In the project, stabilization air system
working with system NOTAR, was used
(the similar system for the first time has been applied in helicopter
McDouglas 520) This realization allows to lower percent of the
emergencies connected to destruction of the steering screw and a tail beam.
The flying device is intended for transportation of containers, emergency house modules and heavy machinery.

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