10+ Years of Design Looking back, my interest in design and branding was fostered by growing up in a small town in NW Connecticut. Without cable television and long before the internet, my exposure to any interesting culture came through skateboard and snowboard magazines and catalogs. These materials sparked my passions for music, alternative lifestyle, independent spirit, and new brands that were experimental in their look and communication. As I studied and worked my way through high school and college, I kept myself involved in skate and snowboard culture. I witnessed the growth and acceptance of both cultures by the masses. The world had come a long way from my teenage years when I was judged for looking and dressing differently, and having different interests than others around me. The brands, athletes, and even bands that I had discovered early on were now becoming household names. To me this was crucial. I had never even heard of the term "graphic designer" until early into college. I always enjoyed my art classes, but took my book studies and test scores more seriously. It wasn't until sophomore year at college that I had switched from "Undecided" in the School of Liberal Arts to the School of Fine Arts with a focus on Communication Design. I was determined to become the guy who created the logos, advertisements, websites, and packaging for young and exciting companies like the ones I had discovered in my teenage years. Importantly, this would be a legitimate career path to pursue; taking advantage of both the critical thinking skills I cultivated in pursuit of good grades, but also the enjoyment of working with my hands and training my eye that came from art class. I have provided design for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-up business ventures across a broad spectrum of professions, including corporate, financial, real estate development, online service, art non-profit, broadcast, entertainment, cosmetic, food & beverage, consumer electronics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, fashion, and action sports. I still hold the same passion for branding and design as I did when I first discovered it. I aim to collaborate with clients, and meet people who are passionate about what they do and dare to dream big. My goal is to create smart and unique solutions that communicate effectively and leave a lasting impression; like those that inspired my inevitable pursuit of design. To me it's not so much about my work, but contributing and having the good fortune to inspire, share, and visualize the dreams of others. It's about collaboration and making connections with an audience. I intend to have a significant impact on culture.

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  • AIGA Suupaa Pop!

  • American Express

  • AOL

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