Axel was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. He attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and has been working professionally in the entertainment industry. With several companies and clients like Shadowmachine, FOX, Sony Pictures TV Animation, Nickelodeon, Bento Box Ent, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Disney, Animax Ent, THQ, Activision and Hasbro, Inc. Axel is currently working on multiple projects with Massive Chaos. He's represented by Talent Management Arsenal Media.

Work Samples

Work History

Representation: Talent Management Arsenal Media- Will Swift (E) swifty at (P) (323)424-7647 Member of the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists: Local Union No.839 Professional Experience- -Massive Chaos- Creative Director. ('15-current) -Shadowmachine- BG Designer (2016) -Off the Mike- Art Direction and Visual Development for an animated project. (2015-16) -Enterwaynement Inc. Visual Development for live action and animated projects. (2015-16) -Paper Chase- Visual Development for live action projects. (2015) -Studio Arts- Concept Design 101 Instructor. ('15) -BlakBoks- Development on a IP titled,"Backspace" -Creature Effects-Development, ('15) -ADHD+Friends Night(FOX)- BG Designer on animated series, AXE COP and Golan. ('13-15) -Cameltoad- Development/Comic Book Artist on G.E.E.K! ('12-'13) -Dig Deep Entertainment- Consultant/Visual and Story Development. ('12-'13) -Creature Effects- Character and Prop Development for varies projects for Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., etc. (`99-‘03 & '07-'13) -Heredia Designs- Development/Environment Design. ('13) -WhatNot?! Entertainment- Development on a animated project. ('12) -Rethink Attractions- Contractor/Conceptual Artist. ('12) -ICON Moto- Illustrator ('11, '12) -Entertainment Inc.- Art Direction/Development for a film project. ('11-'12) -Bento Box Animation- Contractor/Development ('11) -Unveil Games- Contractor/Conceptual Designer ('11) -Metamoki- Contractor/Development ('11) -Gnomon School of Visual Effects- Teaching the Character Design Class in the Analog Dept. (’06-11) -Deep Blue Worlds Inc.- Head Background Designer for a MMO. (’08-'09, '10) -THQ- Concept Designs. ('10) -Talmon Studios- Worked on designs for a Disney project. (2010) -Collision Studios- Characters Designs. ('10) -Sourcebits- Art Direction on a iPhone game. ('09) -Rubber Chicken Tech- Art Direction on a iPhone game. ('09) -Imajimation Studios- Prop and Background Designs for animation projects. (’04, ’08) -Booty Gravy Prod- developed designs for an two animated shows. (’07-08) -Animax Entertainment- Background/Layout Designs for an animated show and online games. Also produced development art for possible animated show. (’07-08) -Monster in the Machine Sculpting Group- producing concept art for sculpting projects. (’08) -RACAIA- producing cover art for the Trust and Treachery 8 issue series. (’08) -Image Comics- published my 72+ comic book titled “Krash Bastards” with Joe Casey. (‘08) -MAKI- samples of my sneaker art is included in their 244 page book, “Custom Kicks”. (’08) -Creature Effects- concept designs and makeup applications for varies projects. (’99-08) -Jade Publishing- Produced a Zombie Girl illustration for a poem. (’08) -White Wolf Publishing- produced a series of illustrations. (’08) -Comedy Web did a comic strip for their site. (’07-'08) -Ape Entertainment- provided comic art for “Teddy Scares”. (’07) -Nickelodeon Animation- providing conceptual designs for a new TV show in development. ('07-'08) -Chiodo Bros.- provided character designs for a project. (’07) produced illustrations to be used on their website. (’07) -LRLH- inked 20 comic book pages. (’07) -Left Field Prod- worked inhouse as the Lead Concept Artist and Designer. (’04-’07) -Radical Entertainment (Vivendi Games)- developing character designs for a an I.P. (’07) -San Woo Studios- did Background and Layout designs for an animated feature. ('07) -Oxygen Games- did armor and weapon concepts for a character that is being developed for an upcoming online game. ('07) -Krislin Studios- storyboarded an act for an animated TV show. ('07) -Sole Estates- produced custom designs onto sneakers like Air Force 1's and Stan Smith's that are being sold through this upscale boutique in West Palm Beach. ('07) -Ironclad Gear- produced line art illustrations to be put onto leather products. (’07) -Guys Bored at Work Prod. - I worked on some producing T-Shirt graphics. (’04-'07) -Ambush Prod- did a series of Print Ads and Storyboards (’04) -Dreamscape Films – Conceptual Designs based from director Mihailo Stanich’s script “Dreamseekers”. (’04) -Vivendi Universal Games- Character Development for a pitch. (’04) -Super 78 Studios- Concept Art. (’04) -Neutrogena- shot videos and digital stills for different projects. (’04) -Green Ronin Publishing- Interior Illustrations for RPG books titled Mutants & Masterminds, Crooks and the Mutant and Mastermind Annual. (’02-’04) -Sony Computer Entertainment- Background and prop designs for a PS 1 game. (’03) -AK Comics- worked on a book titled “Zein” also the cover artist for the other titles. (’02-‘03) -Steve Johnson’s Edge FX- worked on different projects from Character Design to Product Design. (’00-’02) -Creative Character Studios- worked on varies projects, mostly Character Development. (’01-‘03) -Midway Entertainment Inc.- Conceptual designs for a video game project that lasted several months. (’01) -Universal Studios Recreation Group- did a “tram-spoon” illustration for an attraction on the tram route. (’01) -Sony Pictures Family Entertainment- Storyboard Artist on the “Big Guy and Rusty” show. Character Designs for the “Men in Black” show. (`99). -4/4 Entertainment-Character development for a feature. (’03) -Harlow F/X -Demon Head designs for an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” show. Also worked on other projects as well. (’01-‘02) -Poison Frogg Prod. - Art Direction on the “Genesis Factor” project. Was developed as a comic book and animated show. (’02-‘03) -Hasbro Inc. -prop designs for “Centipede Warriors” show. (’00) -Woo Agency –for several months worked on varies of projects from commercials to print ads. (’02) -Steven Ritz-Barr Productions- (’01-‘02) -Hindsight Partners (’02) -Chiodo Bros. –robot designs to be used as background characters (`98). -Verotik Comics (`95-96)


  • Art Center College of Design

    • BFA Illustration/Entertainment
    • 1996 - 1998



Member of the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists: Local Union No.839


The Irvine Scholar Grant, the Art Center of College Scholarship and Pell Grant.