I’m a product designer with more than 7 years of international experience and a masters degree of Advanced Product Design from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. As a curious designer, I am interested in the interrelationships between the needs of people, functionality and their emotional projection in our creative minds. I believe a good design can be achieved by understanding the context, paying attention to the details and building a deep empathy with users. I am a confident individual and also a strong team player who is keen on the details and a problem solver with strong concept visualization and advanced 2D-3D computer skills. Sketching is my obsession with both traditional and digital media. I have an individual interest in storytelling, film making, story boarding and 2D-3D animation techniques. I have worked in Turkey, USA and Sweden in many diverse projects in all development phases of a product development project while experiencing different cultures. During these years I have had the chance to work with medical products, personal protection equipments, consumer lifestyle products, products for engineering, construction and surveying industries, consumer electronics, physical aid products, aviation industry, emerging technologies such as robotic applications, railway transportation and many other fields. Specialties: Industrial Design, User Centered Design, Medical products, 3D Modelling, 2D-3D Visualization and animation techniques, Sketching, Illustration, User Research, Brand identity

Experience & Education