I have just completed a fixed term contract with a company called Building Additions Ltd. where I was working as a designer, working alone to bring a project from concept right through to manufacture. This project was completed early and well under budget. I am currently seeking employment preferably within Sussex but am in a position to easily commute to London.

Work Samples

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Work History

At university I have covered a very broad spectrum of design, teaching myself different ways to come up with innovative new designs, as well as covering CAD design, both for engineering and presentation purposes. On top of this I also have a very good understanding of the physics involved in the creation of these designs, this comes from an education in mechanics from A-level maths and As-level physics and also purposefully structured lectures at university. Finally I also had lectures involving materials, where I was taught the properties of certain materials and how the right choice of materials would tie in with a design. I was also taught how the wrong choice could have dire consequences and was combined with the engineering module to have more of an understanding of what an important aspect of design the choice of materials was. The importance of a designer to involve himself in every aspect of a product from materials to manufacturing methods became clear during my time at my previous job where I was the sole designer. This meant it was for me to not only design the product but to create some sales material, create accurate engineering CAD for manufacturers, liaise and work with those manufacturers, work with the factory to create prototypes, testing of such prototypes, creating an assembly process and many other tasks.


University of the West of England



10 GCSE's 4 As-levels 2 A-levels