I am currently the Creative Director at InForm Product Development. I believe that Design is a tool meant to drive business, disrupt markets and improve the lives of consumers. It is the ultimate engine for creating dynamic experiences that serve the needs and desires of consumers while curating long-term brand loyalty.

Work Samples

  • Garmin Heritage Watch

  • Radiation Therapy Machine

  • Gerber Survival Navigation Tool

Work & Education History

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Featured Coroflot Project : Powertap C1 Chainring Power Meter Featured Coroflot Project : Hunting Watch NeoCon Gold Award 2014 : GoJuice (collaboration with Palmer Hamilton) Designer of the Week Finalist : monkeedesign.com Featured Coroflot Portfolio Featured Coroflot Project : Survival Navigation Tool Featured Coroflot Project : TomoTherapy Radiation Treatment Machine 'Best of Show' Senior Design Project 'Warhawk' Design...
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