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  • Chaleerat Ng.

    Senior Media Designer

    Brussels, Belgium

** I'M CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR PROJECTS** THANK YOU FOR VISITING THOUGH- I HOPE YOU LIKE SOME OF MY WORKS :-) Dear fellow designers, please feel free add me to your Network. Always happy to know like-minded people !

Work Samples

  • Web & Interaction

  • Print & Packaging

  • Illustration

Work History

I started web designing job as an intern at one of the major ISPs in Bangkok in 2002. After my internship I was employed full time as part of graphic design team. After 2 years. I quit the big firm for smaller, more interesting, more active, younger "Cooler" Belgian design studio based in Bangkok where I had chance to learn more about European designs & team work where most of projects were from western Europe. Then I became full freelance for couple of years, working and traveling at the same time as I had my Macbook with me always, many projects were done during my trips to India, Philippines, etc Most of projects I usually got are come from Chicago, Australia, UAE, New Zealand & Singapore, so I'm really familiar with tele-working. I find it interesting and very challenging to work for different markets. Mostly I design websites. But I do design prints as well. I've done some illustrations for Sony, e-newsletter for Coca-Cola, Kleenex, IBM, websites for Marriott Hotel's services, etc. I'm familiar with both Mac/PC (But 99% time I use Mac) Skills : Major Adobe Stuff. Current status : Happily working at WaypointDesign (founded by Christian Lenaerts in 1994), Brussels, Belgium. Freelance status : Sorry, I'm not available for freelance projects at the moment. Thank you for the opportunities though :-)


BFA degree (fine arts) : SrinakarinWirot University, Bangkok : http://www.swu.ac.th



- "Artist of the week" on Istockphoto.com - Travel Photo Winner of the week on The Guardian UK (online edition)