When it comes to design, I enjoy integrating my concepts with the use of typography. I value simplicity and believe effective design is in the reduction of noise, in reaching the core of the message and delivering it. My job as a designer is to clearly understand my client's objectives and vision, and translate them into a practical and visual solution. I am grateful to say that my work has been exhibited in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Uruguay. Clients that I have worked with: Adar Capital Partners Ltd, Club Atlético Peñarol, Eureka The Learning Center, Highway Institute, ITP Security, Aiva Business Platforms, Mercantil Suisse Trust AG, Ministro de Transporte y Obras Públicas, Anda, Arcor, Campiglia, Club Bigua, Dynapyme, Electroquímica, República Afap, Holiday Inn, Aecid, Caja Notarial, Centro Cultural de Música, Ferrere, Glencore, Lanzaro & Acle, Intendencia de Montevideo, Nuevo Siglo, Pizzorno, Placer and Unicef. As a graphic designer, I was also elected for the 2nd Montevideo Biennal of Art. Gabriel Benderski.

Work Samples