Benjamin Kicic is a Croatian-American designer with a versatile practice ranging from furniture, to product and lighting design, with a focus on the symbolism of archetypes and materials. With a core aesthetic that may be described as ‘politely subversive’, Benjamin explores how methods of construction can inform objects' narrative. His work has examined the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques to re-create traditional forms, and the new histories that arise from these representations of the past. Currently based in New York City, Benjamin has been featured in numerous galleries and group shows, as well as collaborated on a number of projects for well-known clients across the US. He hopes to broaden his practice to include interior spaces and large-scale commercial projects in the near future. To contact Benjamin about collaborations or for more information regarding his specific work he may be reached at bkicic@gmail.com


Tage Frid Design Award / Excellence in Design / 2013

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