Interactive Publications Library - GE Healthcare recently acquired multiple companies in the field of Respiratory and Sleep science. They needed a way for their sales associates to present a multitude of research quickly and easily. I developed an interactive publications library in that organizes and displays dynamically loaded PDFs of research documents. The design is rooted within GE's style guide. Its sections are branded with colors inspired by imagery meant to convey health and hope.
SATCOM Antenna Animation - Trivec requested an animation that showed its mounted antenna's capability to remain locked on a satellite nomatter what course it is on. Starting with photos of a humvee, the antenna, and some desert shots, I developed this animation to capture the attention of military personell in charge of purchasing SATCOM antennas. I topped it off with some real sound effects from field exercises.
Promotional Animation - Xowii (pronounced "zow-ee") is a company that markets an energy drink of the same name. This piece is intended as humorous motivator for Xowii's sales associates, allowing them to "crush" a competitor's can using a slider.

The song is Frank Zappa's "Wowee Zowee", which I edited using Garageband.
Product Animation - Freedom Innovations needed an animation that highlighted the selling points of its newest prosthetic knee, the Plie 2.0 MPC, while conveying a high-tech feel. I used After Effects, Flash, Quicktime Pro and Photoshop for the visual components and Garageband to piece together the music and sound effects.
Web Site - APR Consulting, Inc. is a California-based staffing solutions provider. Looking to position itself as a national leader, APR wanted to re-brand its website with the look of a fortune 500 company. Using companies like GE and Dow as an example, I developed this clean look along with an intuitive interface.
Web Site - Saunders Integrated is a marketing firm that provides traditional and interactive media for a varied client base. This website's design conveys the integrated aspect of the business. A retro background of blue and gold is overtaken by a modern-looking widescreen display that drops down and contains examples of the firm's broad spectrum of work. The site's sections sections are dynamically loaded SWFs containing images and video.
Landing Page - Ecolife needed a compelling landing page to capitalize on attention gained from story about their conservation efforts on CBS Evening News.
Web Site - Quartics develops technology used in the process of advancing video quality beyond hi-def. They are currently focused on B2B but aim to attach their brand to the hi-def market (much like Intel has done with PCs). Toward that end, I developed a simple, modular structure that clearly delivers information to investors and partners, while maintaining consumer appeal with sylized yet recognizable visual assets.
Web Site - Staddus is a manufacturer of custom sunglasses based in Newport Beach, CA. This site features interactive animations that allow a user to see the sunglasses with different types of imagery on them. I also composed the music.
Promotional Animation - US Armor is a leading manufacturer of bulletproof vests for police departments nationwide. This brief interactive animation is one of a series of tools created for sales associates to show potential customers 360ยบ views of their vests. I used Flash to create the interface, After Effects to prepare the animated lights in the background and Garageband to compose an ominous atmospheric score complete with police radio chatter.
Product Animation - This video was created to show the unique compression and movement capabilities of Freedom's new prosthetic foot, the Silhouette VS. I had one low quality video from their laboratory to use as a guide for the foot's behavior. We shot some stills in our studio and I imported one single photo of the foot into After Effects. Using the Puppet Pin tool, I was able to animate that one photo to behave just like the real thing (only better).
Animation/ E-Learning UI - I developed the concept, animations, and UI for an e-learning course on internet marketing. This is from when I worked for MindLeaders, Inc. I also composed the music.
E-Learning Prototype - Images from a prototype I created for a series of e-learning courses on Microsoft Office. I oversaw the implementation of this concept throughout multiple iterations of this series.
E-Learning Prototype - Graphics, animation and UI for a series of e-learning courses on project management. I oversaw the implementation of this concept throughout the entire series of courses.
E-Learning Prototype - I developed the prototype for a brand new series of e-learning courses that engaged students with video, audio, animation and interactivity
Animation - This animation was developed as an online advertisement for MindLeaders' LMS.
Voiceover/Foley - I did the voiceover and foley for the whole project. I was a parrot...sqwauuuuk.
Catalog Design - I designed a catalog for a hearing aid company based on an astrological theme.

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