Light Shelf - This swiveling shelf increases the usable surface area on any table as well as provides illumination and a perfect area for examining slides. I prototyped my design from Aluminum and Acrylic. The housing contains a compact florescent lamp. The elegant clamp provides firm stability while hiding all working mechanisms. I manufactured this working prototype using a mill, lathe, and sand blaster from scraps and an average desk lamp.
Shaving Cream Applicator - In 1999, this skit design was hosted for Procter and Gamble. The woman's "Silk" and the men's "Glide" are high quality foam dispensers that apply lather directly to the skin. No mess, no waste. This design promotes a better feel of quality for the owner, while promoting continued sales of more economical refills that waste less material thus increasing profit and preserving resources. This project lead to my selection as the first intern for P&G's design department in 3 years.
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Pinhole Poloroid Camera - I believe this is the world's first self-contained developing pinhole camera. I prototyped this functioning device using a laser cutter and 3 medical grade syringes as the chemical injectors. After the exposure of the photographic paper, the user can watch the photo develope due to the darkroom-red colored window on the front.
x3m - CeBit2001 for Benefon - When studying at UIAH in Finland, Benefon commissioned a small interdiciplinary group of students from 3 schools to work on this project. We developed the physical design, prototype, and eventually even a video, but the most impressive part of the design is the soft side of the product. What I focused on mostly were the cyber services and new abilities it provides to users as a functional tool, beyond the phyical device.
Wall Stand

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