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Capstone Project-Designing and Creating UI for Effectively Retrieving Job Applicant Profiles - Job recruiters spend a fair amount of time and effort to select qualified candidates and contact them in recruiting process. I designed new UI to improve the user experience and overcome the challenges on TalentSpring current website. Recruiters, especially recruiters from big companies, can use this design to organize a large number of resumes in a systematic way.
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Improvement of "List of resume" Page - The problem:Recruiters must recall details from many resume
The improvement:to effectively manage and retrieve information by setting up managin folders, marking read/unread, and comment/notes functions. In left navigation bar area, i added downloading/uploading resumes features.
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Improvement of "Read Resume" Page - The problem:Recruiters must repetitively compose E-mails to candidates for different positions
My improvement: As for visual design, make the buttons/link/layout consistent. As for function, this new UI saves recruiters and hiring manager’s time and effort by automatically creating email templates and folders for users to manage tens-of-thousands of resumes found on social networking sites, job boards and corporate applicant tracking systems (ATS).

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