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  • Brad Jonas


    Oakland, CA

"I doodle good."

Work Samples

  • Pando Illustrations

  • NSFWCORP illustrations

  • Miscellaneous Ills

Work History

I started my freelance career after college when I moved to Brooklyn. I lived in squalor in an apartment in Ft. Green with a rotating cast of six craigslist randoms, mice, and roaches, while taking improv comedy classes at UCB Theater and performing in the backs of bars in the city. I scoured the 'creative gigs' section of Craigslist, building my portfolio with miscellaneous jobs like children's greeting cards, t-shirt designs, logos, album covers/posters, some article illustrations for Funny Or Die, infographics and animations, and flyers for comedy shows; all the while working on a $150 emachine netbook that could barely run a torrented outdated version of Photoshop, and with an old Wacom tablet that I purchased off of ebay in high school for $35. I have come a long way! After working as a freelancer for a couple of years, I got a regular gig as an illustrator for a news and humor publication called NSFWCorp, where I eventually became art director. I was in charge of laying out portions of the monthly print edition, including designing every cover and hundreds of spot illustrations. I also did daily illustrations for articles that went up on the website, and designed banner ads for sponsors, and helped design some of the web pages for special events or programs that were going on. NSFWCorp was eventually purchased by SF-based tech news site PandoDaily at the end of 2013. I relocated to the bay area, and was hired on as an illustrator and eventually art director, where I was again in charge of daily article illustrations, print designs and layouts, and miscellaneous tasks like creating ads for sponsors. Unfortunately Pando didn't receive as many subscriptions as they were hoping for, so to be profitable they had to let a large number of the staff go at the end of last year. So I've been working as a freelancer again, and have been dedicating more time to personal projects, self-improvement, and teaching myself some new animation software. I still live and work in Oakland, and love living in the Bay Area.


  • Lewis and Clark College

    • BA English, Psychology
    • 2006 - 2010