I am a French industrial product designer just graduated from the Nantes School of Design’s master’s degree, during wich had the great opportunity to spend the two last years in China . This experience was for me one of the greatest way to expand my curiosity and to feed my creativity. As being a designer is for me the capacity to create links between ideas, points of view and cultures. This experience of expatriation in such a country was the dreamed opportunity to boost these skills.

Work Samples

  • bvitoux_Portfolio Full PDF

  • Led Tv_Cosmetic D* Process

  • Chinese Fridge

Work History

You may download my: Résumé: http://cpc.cx/3MK Portfolio: http://cpc.cx/3pg Thank you! Benoit


The Art Institute of Shanghai The Nantes School of Design. 5 years Industrial Design master degree, With 2 years within the Cross cultural option in China.



Product Design