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'Porpose' Inhaler - This was an inhaler developed for a pharma company. the project lasted between 1999 and 2001. FDA protocols were strictly adhered to. Form and user interface explorations using video ethnography as well as focus groups were accomplished.
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Radio breakfast show table - This is a 'better breakfast show table' designed
during a branding project for Capital Radio in London. It communicates inclusivity, in form and function.
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Sense Translation - While researching this project, the fact that many fully deaf people tend not to leave the home due to insecurities about the 'world of sound' emerged. Crossing the street can become a dangerous action. This device helps them become aware of their surroundings via sensors.
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Hybrid Minivan - Concept minivan produced at San Jose State University Industrial Design to have been applied towards the Toyota Prius line.
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Claystation - Created at Central Saint Martins College MA Industrial Design in april 2005 to show at Designersblock event at the Milan Furniture fair. Designed to play dvd of Ben Hughes (our course director) of "Clay Station" animnation. The animation was made from a two day 'plasicine Architectual event at Designersblock London 2004. The team was Dan Flashman, Goo Manuthat and Brian Ward. www.claystation.org
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Sports Hearing aid - A hearing aid designed for Sea, Air, Land sports. Durable, easy to use, Iconic. Designed to give the user confidence and an edgy personal statement.
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Floor Heater - Floor heater
-Space saving
-Vertical component orientation
-cord retraction
-carrying ring
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Acoustic Alarm Clock - An alarm clock that is based on varying notions:
-Sand clock
-Chime lattice
-Variable acoustic sounds

Use description-
1Load sound-makers in top chamber- (any objects from 3mm-7mm i.e. dry beans, dry corn, ball bearings, glass beads etc. depending on how one wishes to wake up)

2 Set alarm

3 When alarm goes off, chamber releases payload, which cascades through chimes suspended in clear section

4 Payload objects collected in lower chamber

5 Flip over like sand clock to reset alarm.

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