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JAW123 - . jaw123 is made up of 2 sets of plastic clamps.each clamp is made out of two peaces witch can be force fitted together to make a clamp.the inner wall of these pieces are lined with soft rubbery material to provide a better grip on the wooden pieces its going to hold.the business idea is to sell the clamps and wooden sticks separately so it allows user to do a great deal of mixing and matching.
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the idea came to me when i was travelling in laddakh(one of the highest habitats in India).i loved the use of wood specially on roofs where the ends are exposed mixing practicality with natural aesthetics.
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OPUS DESIGN AWARD-Sp. jury award - concept-Sensuality is a language spoken best with eyes. While approaching a design of eye wear with sensuality in mind I realized how important it is to capture every movement of eyelids, the curls of eyelashes, the sparkles and the twinkles, So much to show and nothing to hide. so I let it free speaking for it self all I did, make the statement loud. And hence “Netra”( Sans: Eye) was born. Netra is made of crystals in form of “quotes” to make eyes look like making statements.

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