process/design proposal:

Beginning with straight rebar pieces, an open X-Y axis grid work is welded & secured as a foundation extending the complete distance of the installation. The remaining rebar is rolled with a precision bending machine into long, extended U-shaped pieces. These U-shapes are shingled & overlapped like the scales of a fish. Once the bottom layer is attached, the next level protrudes slightly further than the previous, eventually cantilevering above the bottom row. The entire grid work is filled with offset U-shapes, each is spot-welded to the next overlapping metal piece. This same process is repeated from the bottom to the top with the floating U-shaped front support piece, level with the back, providing an organized & secure resting place for the bottles of wine. This organization is contrasted by the chaos of wildly flying ends of raw steel rebar along the top. The idea & process was proven through a scale model using metal & a glue gun to simulate the weldi...

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