I am a Chicago artist inspired by the city and all its interesting sights as well as its many interesting people. Chicago is a great place for an artist to become inspired. I became inspired by the the visual merchandising displays downtown and the eclectic crowd of people. My portfolio is a combination of work inspired by visual merchandising displays that I see downtown, japanese fashion and culture, and various artists' work that I admire. My most recent experience has been working as a layout artist and a packaging designer where I produced packaging for African American beauty products. I currently design t-shirts/apparel for Chicago boutiques and stores such as, Akira, The Belmont Army Surplus, and Future Garb as well as a few other small boutiques. My newest endeavor is a line of products, merchandise and designs inspired by the Harajuku Lovers collection by Gwen Stefani.


Chicago Cows on Parade

Experience & Education