Boston 2020 Logo - For my senior thesis, I wanted to create the look & feel for a proposed 2020 Boston Summer Olympics. The mark I designed to represent a the 2020 Olympic Games in Boston captures the energy and feeling of Boston. It's double image depicts a clipper ship and the Olympic flame.
Boston 2020 Pictograms - Pictograms are easily recognizable symbols that are use to represent each sporting event at the Olympic Games. Each Olympic's, these symbols change based on the culture or the location hosting that particular games.

I enjoy how well the set of pictograms nicely compliment the main emblem for the games. They tie in the waves from the harbor & Charles River along with more fiery forms derivative from the Olympic torch and sails of the main emblem.
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Boston 2020 Applied Banners - Here, the lamp-post banners incorporate each of the look & feel elements I have developed.
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Boston 2020 Building Wraps - Why not drape the skyline in the 2020 look and feel? Building wraps will brighten up the city and make a clear statement from miles away that Boston is hosting the Olympic Games.

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