As a former rotary wing Naval Aviator, I have flown over 2,000 hours in many environments including single and multi-spot ships, high desert, mountain, and cold weather environments. In the course of that time, I was instrumental in successful completion of 5 rescue missions in a mountain environment resulting in saving 7 people and one horse, as well as two medical evacuations, one requiring coordination with other aircraft and EMS personnel in a real-world mass casualty situation. Now I want to apply the leadership, attention to detail, teamwork and management skills I developed in the Navy to transportation, transportation design, product design, conceptualization or marketing challenges. My strong understanding of production processes, ergonomic concerns and visual sensitivity combined with an understanding of the necessity of procedural compliance and adherence to applicable standards in a given situation, as well as the ability to integrate with or lead multi-disciplinary teams gives me abilities few designers possess. H-60 helicopter pilot experience at density altitudes in excess of 8,000' and landing in confined areas with less than 20' of rotor clearance has honed my crew-coordination and crew resource management skills as well as risk-assessment abilities while maintaining clear, objective decision-making ability in stressful, critical situations. These experiences combine to give me the ability to perform to an outstanding level in stressful, deadline-dominated design, transportation and management situations, and to work well as part of a team while making decisions to amplify other team member capabilities to help us reach a common goal in the most efficient and effective manner possible. I currently hold a secret clearance, and am interested in full time or freelance opportunities.

Work Samples

  • MH-60S Fallon SAR paint scheme

  • Automotive Concepts

  • Logo Design, 2D/3D

Work History

  • Aviation/Amphibious/Military Planning and Management

    • US Navy
    • San Diego, CA
    • Feb 2012 - Jan 2014 (1 year 11 months)

    As an Amphibious Squadron Air Operations Officer, I was responsible for coordinating air and ship operations and planning. As Battle Watch Captain, I was responsible for the oversight of three amphibious ships and providing pertinent information to interested parties up and down the chain of command, as well as verifying daily reports were made in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Helicopter pilot (SH-60B SH-60F MH-60S)

    • US Navy
    • Apr 2004 - Dec 2011 (7 years 8 months)

    Since joining the Navy I have logged over 2,000 flight hours with over 1,500 hours in H-60 variants to include over 1,000 hours of mountain flying, plus more than 475 hours of NVD time. In addition to flying the Cessna 172, T-34C, TH-57B/C, UH-1N, SH-60B, SH-60F and MH-60S, I had the opportunity to design the HSM-77 Saberhawk logo as well as the NAS Fallon SAR MH-60S paint scheme.
    Being directly involved with military aviation has given me a unique combination of experience and perspective on ergnomics, aesthetics, consumer vs. industrial product development and prioritization that will be difficult to find anywhere else.


  • Columbus College of Art & Design

    • BFA Industrial Design
    • 1995 - 1999



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