Concept art for "Cars" pit-stop toy with wind-up Guido character. Client: Disney (via DecoPac, Inc.)
Concept drawing for Winnie the Pooh kaleidoscope flashlight. Client: Disney (via Peter Green Design)
Design for "Sports Fan" bobblehead toy. Client: DecoPac, Inc.
Toy design turnarounds for Mickey and Minnie Mouse surfing figurines. Client: Disney (via DecoPac, Inc.)
Toy concept for Little Einsteins symphony. Client: Disney (via Peter Green Design)
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Concepts and final design for plush bears. Client: DecoPac, Inc.
Alex figurine to promote 'Madagascar 3'. Client: DreamWorks (via DecoPac, Inc.)
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Concept for "Cut The Rope" cake topper toy. Client: Zeptolab via DecoPac, Inc.
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Turnarounds for a snail light-projector toy. Client: Quois Corp.
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Puppet design for animated DVD series "Clive and Ian's Wonderblimp of Knowledge". Client: Phil Vischer/Jellyfish Labs

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