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Development of commercial space. India. 2009. -
Modernization of sales area.
The research was done around 2 categories:
An area closely and aging on 2 levels and the desire to present a large number of products.
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Development of commercial space. India. 2009. - Creating a global concept of a clothing store and accessories.
Improving the image of the brand and maximize space without impeding movement.
Creating a circuit of travel provided by the intuitive perspective of white areas to the shelves and the floor wenge for central platform.
One containing the key products of the brand and accessories arranged on the white blocks.
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Reception. India. 2009. - Responding to the request for an embassy in Delhi, the work was to create a reception desk clean.
The constraint was to manage congestion in this small area of 290 × 110 cm.
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Project of a modular home stand. Freelance. 2008 - Concept of a modular home stand for a special events company. Surface to decline in 2 exhibition areas,
9 and 12 square meters. The targets were the banks and financial products upmarket.
Creating the visual identity, design of space, color coding and signage at the booth.
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Overall project management of bowling redevelopment - Bowling Echirolles located near Lyon in France.
Rethinking the aging facility by providing color and warmth.
Work centered around the general layout of the space, the development of the bar with the use of black lacquer, pink, plum and creation of the carpets.
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Graphic communication and general management consulting. 2007 - Bar restaurant in Angouleme, 16. France
Creation of the graphic identity, of the charter, of the facade and the global communication of the place. Proposed solutions for housing and space.
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Graphic design and interior design of hotel. Gavre, 44. France - Creating graphic patterns declined to identity, communication and decor.
Proposed solutions for housing and space.
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Mobile home. 2005. - Place leisure, freedom and harmony with nature.
Creation of a model based on the concept of integration with nature and modular space.
The materials used are natural and do not pollute the surrounding nature.
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Preliminary study before the project of space design. - Mood boards for various projects for interior design and space business.
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Drawing of space and perspective. - Rise in hand and with rotring on layer.

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