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Includes animation from various projects that I created as of 2011. Music composed by Aaron Stielstra.


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Short animation test reel utilizing basic animation principles.
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Rough animation test/assignment I did for an animation course at RISD about a year ago. The task was to stage a fight scene. I was still working on line quality in Flash at the time and probably had the Flash smoothing settings on too high for unfinished pencils. Regardless, a whole lot of fun to make!
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A child is influenced by a violent cartoon on TV.
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Animation that answers the age old question, "what would it have been like if Batman was adapted into a gritty crime/action movie by the Italian film industry in the 1970s?"

Animation and Direction by Chad Kaplan.

Based on the DC comics characters.

Soundbytes appropriated from various English dubbed versions of Italian genre flicks. No copyright infringement intended. Music by Stelvio Cipriani, Ennio Morricone, and Giampaolo Chiti.

Special thanks to David Lambert for inadvertently helping to spawn the idea with his BATMAN BEGINS review in 2005.
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They had "Rambo Force of Freedom", "Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos", "Robocop", and "Mr. T", but where was Charles Bronson's 80s cartoon?

Well it turns out an ultra-violent cartoon, low-budget series was in the works by Cannon Films' short lived animation department in 1986. The budget was so low that instead of being based on the franchise as a whole it was based almost solely around the third entry in the series (albeit featuring a completely new villain not seen in any of the movies named Lord Buchenwald). Despite the low budget, several actors from the movie returned for voice cameos along with Charles Bronson in the lead role. Michael Winner is even credited as director and Jimmy Page is credited as music composer (though in reality it was Italian musician Spartaco Castelluci who composed the score for the series).

In the end, the series was deemed too violent for children and lack of funds ultimately deemed the series un-producable at the time and led to the Cannon animation...
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My first ever 3D animation. This was made as the final project for John Craig Freeman's VM 261 Computer Animation I class at Emerson College.

Animated, designed, and modeled by Chad Kaplan.

Music by Aaron Stielstra.
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An aborted Bob Seger jam - rated R.
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A motion graphics tribute to classic horror films made by the British studio Hammer Films. This video is meant to play like a fake trailer of sorts for the ultimate Hammer film in which Dr. Van Helsing and Captain Kronos team up to fight off a whole slew of monsters.

Artwork by Andrea Clanetti. Animation and additional artwork by Chad Kaplan.
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Main titles for the 2012 samurai film THE DRY BLADE designed by Chad Kaplan. Special thanks to Ryoko Kokuba for translation assistance.
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An original animated "Deadliest Warrior" scenario in which Old West outlaw Jesse James faces off against a ninja in a modern day museum. Designed, animated, and directed by Chad Kaplan for the Deadliest Warrior Art Contest. Music by Aaron Stielstra.
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Teaser for a new animated poliziotteschi short film based off of the original A BULLET, A BADGE, AND A BERETTA footage released in 2009.

Starring Maurizio Merli, Henry Silva, and Lee Van Cleef.

Animated and Directed by Chad Kaplan.

Riassunto della trama: Una spietata associazione a delinquere che si occupa di assassini, traffico d'armi, estorsione, prostituzione e droga minaccia di far diventare la città una fogna infestata dal crimine e dalla corruzione. Gli unici a contrapporsi sono tre duri poliziotti e un proiettile, un distintivo e una Beretta!
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The Intro for an upcoming cartoon series featuring everyone's favorite dradle spinning duo, Righteous Rabbi and Bar Mitzvah Boy.

Starring (as the Jewish League)

Righteous Rabbi
Bar Mitzvah Boy
Captain Cantor
Judy JAP

Also Starring (as the Bigotry Brigade)

Mad Mel (Gibson)
The Devilish Dr. Dolph
Helga the Hellish
Morbid Mahmoud (Ahmadinejad)
Fiendish Pharaoh
Ghoulish (Muammar) Gaddafi
Heinous Helen (Thomas)
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Through the kindness of librarians, a man's trauma is overcome. Or at least relocated.
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The first cartoon short featuring Reinhardt Rabbit and Frederick Ad Fox from Wild Dogs Productions.

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