portfolio website - A simple, atmospheric flashed site to introduce the audience to my interactive design creative.
ReedShay: Website for Executive Recruiter - I created this site for the premiere executive technical recruiter in the Bay Area.

As a hybrid site, html/css framework with flash components, it maintains great searchability while engaging the audience with smooth actionscripted elements.
qView Full Size public facing redesign of homepage 2011.
UI/UX - SellPoint, Inc corporate website.
Flashed/html/css hybrid showcasing the companies retail rich media syndication platform.
Emergent Solutions Website ( ) - Designed and created the Emergent Solutions website. Engaging the audience with Q&A video interviews with principals. Easy navigation and information focused interface design.
Neato Robotics Website - Interface design, production and consultation. website - A beautiful showcase of the Interior Design services of eco6design. Crisp messaging and immersive imagery. HTML/CSS and jquery driven functionality.
O'Reilly Woodworking website ( - Website for Tim O'Reilly Woodworking. Specializes in elegant craftsmanship for fine home furnishings and building. Flashed site with actionscripted movement. Special attention to typography.
Small agency website - A flashed site in promotion of the agency's work.
Simple navigation, professional and speedy.
"We Are Genentech" Media Center Homepage - Homepage for Genentech's employee video incentive program.
Lexy Homepage Comp - Page highlights that power of the Lexy Audio Player.
Interface Design - socially connected automobile site.
Unique Furniture Design website - Mimicking the esthetics of the designer furniture, which is individually produced, designed and created the website with a very minimal motif. Cold and straight-edged. Motion and transitions with AS3.

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