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Air Fortress - Original Work -
A personal Project: I’m enthusiastic about character and creature concept development. I created this illustration as an entry to a game creature competition. I feel that this is where my passions and strengths really lie.

Even thought this is a more elaborated and fully illustrated work of an character/creature creation, I feel that my passions played its roll in my college work as well, especially in illustrations and 3D character modelling and animation.
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2009 SAPO Design stamp Competion. - 1st Place Winner. Stamps are available at Post Offices and is the first stamps to be printed with an 3D anaglyph effect (not shown here) in South Africa.
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Concept Development - Illustration that I've worked on during my 4 years as a student at The Open Window: School of Visual Communication, the projects ranged from making an illustrative Identification document of ourselves, to character concepts, book covers, Commerative Money Design, Stamp designs just to name a few.

Several of the works were created with traditional mediums as for example, paper cut-outs, paint and colour pencil, and stained paper and then further manipulated in Photoshop.
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Wetland Poster - A design for a Wetlands awareness campaign, this design won and was used as print on T-shirt.
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SABNS Bank Note Design - Goal of this Project was to design 5 Banknote front and back for the South African Bank Note Society SABNS. The Denominations that should be created is 2x 25 notes, 2x 500 notes and 1x 20 note, each being associated with the chose theme selected that best represent the four CMA countries which are Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa. The 20 note should become a commemorative banknote that represent all 4 CMA countries

Canines of South Africa
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Firefly Characters

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