Charles Woods 2011 Modeling Reel - 00:00:03 Human Anatomy
Skeleton geometry provided by client.
Maya, Modo, ZBrush, Photoshop

00:00:18 AH-64D Longbow Apache
All Aspects
Maya, Modo, Photoshop

00:00:46 Willem Dafoe
Replacement Head Model
All Aspects
Maya, ZBrush

00:00:51 Santa Claus
All Aspects
Based on a painting by Norman Rockwell
Modo, ZBrush

00:00:59 Marvin Character Concept
All Aspects
ZBrush, Topogun, Maya, Mental Ray

00:01:11 Blendshape Montage
Blendshape modeling and mix testing.
Characters copyright 2010 Durga Digital.
ZBrush, Maya

00:01:18 Bat Thing Blendshapes and Sculpt
All Aspects
Based on an original concept by Miles Teves.
Maya, ZBrush

00:01:26 Outwrap Jacket and Fold Demo
Base mesh and hi-resolution sculpture, UVs, shading.
Animation by Greg Sullivan.
Modo, ZBrush, Lightwave

00:01:32 Destruction Modeling
All Aspects

00:01:34 Scrooge Duck
All Aspects
Character copyright Walt Disney Corporation

00:01:40 Phiaton MS400 Headphones
All Aspects
Modo, Maya

00:01:50 Clay Portrait Head

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