I used to aim to design objects, which ends up in websites, and gets awards. Objects that instantly label you with fame, and glory. In my head, all I wanted was a "wow" reaction from people. But then realized, wow is just a fleeting feeling. And it usually does not leave a lasting impact. But being a designer for two years, is reminding me, that this job is all about being selfless. About setting aside personal fame, personal style, and to simply put the user first. That the real joy, comes not from the fame, but from the smiles of the user. That my motivation to create and solve problems, is knowing the possibility of helping people, about changing lives, and about glorifying the maker of all things. Slowly God is truly humbling me to realize, that all these talents, came from him. That my true purpose as a designer, is to glorify him, and to be an instrument, to solve problems which can change for the better. Great Design is Selfless. Great Design is Honest. Great Design serves His bigger purpose. Great Design Inspires.

Work Samples

  • Camera model

  • Adidas prototype

Work History

  • Senior Industrial Designer

    • A2 Design Lab
    • May 2014 - Present (2 years 10 months)

    Senior Industrial Designer |

    Focusing on sports related products, illustration, and apparel.


  • University of Santo Tomas

    • AB Industrial Design Fine Arts, Industrial Design
    • 2011 - 2014