Sketching is my passion. My sketches get evolved every time I pick up the pen... At IIT, I'm learning more about the Design Process and User Experience of the products. I have an expertise in Product and Transportation Sketching as well as rendering (Hand + Digital,2D-3D) The purpose of this Coroflot acc is not to show what I'm good at and what bad...but it is to show my progress. Many of my works published here are old, dated 2011, the time when I didn't have any clue of design and process. I still let them remain here because I want my visitors to see the transformation and development of my skills in these years. "Comments and Criticism...most welcome :) " Best, Chetan, Aug 8' 2015

Work Samples

  • Automotive Interiors Sketches

  • Mercedes Benz Wheel

  • Watch Designs Sketches

Work History


  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    • M.Des Industrial Design
    • 2014 - Currently Enrolled
  • Indraprastha University, New Delhi

    • B.Tech Mechanical & Automation Engineering
    • 2009 - 2013