Mobile Phone
Five megapixel camera phone - Oct 2004
4.3 x 2.08 x 0.7 inch

Turned to profit from being chronically in the red for years in the Korean domestic market
Sold out 800,000, even though not a volume model priced at $700
Shortage of camera parts, could not sell more

Feature-oriented design
Swiveling body for optimal use of the camera
Projecting shutter key for convenient use of camera and strap hole
Five megapixel camera phone
Intimate video telecommunication (V.T) - Nov 2005
3.8 x 1.8 x 0.6 inch
Korean Market

Rotating screen for horizontal view
Tilting screen for hands free use; video call users complain of pain in arms for calls over four minutes
16:9 wide screen for both senders’ and receivers’ image
Digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) slider - Aug 2006
3.56 x 1.83 x 0.7 inch
Korean Market

Design inspired by a ring
Pebble - Jan 2004
4.01 x 1.93x 0.83 inch
European Market

Compact slider
LG VX-7000 - May 2003
4.01 x 1.97x 0.90 inch
US Market

The first VOD & MOD (Video On Demand & Music On Demand) phone in US
Applied the first front music buttons in the world
Sold 3 Million at Verizon Wireless
Music phone - Sept 2003
4.01 x 1.93x 0.7 inch
Korean Market

LED lights dance to the music
Music buttons adapted from Walkman
1.3 megapixel camera
LG LX-1200 - July 2002
3.46 x 1.81x 0.74 inch
US Market

Sold 2 Million at Sprint Wireless
Silver part created character line and darker LCD window gave impact on the design
Slim & compact clamshell
Coelacanth - June 2002
3.4 x 1.8x 0.7 inch
Korean high-end Market

Profile design inspired by a shape of fish
The fragrance of light - First year graduate study
17 x 12 x 6 inch

New interaction by adding flowers to and subtracting
flowers from this vase
Metaphorical design
The fragrance of light - The more, the brighter
The less, The darker
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Criminal vase; A vase
Criminal vase; A vase that signifies criminal - First year graduate study
12 x 12 x 5 inch

Sociological definition of criminal opposition to authorities and ideologies,
The expectations of a vase are holding water, being stable to contain water and flowers,
and supplying enough water to flowers
Criminal vase; A vase that signifies criminal - This cone form does not contain enough water and is not stable
In addition, this form triggers touching. It drops water and flowers.
Eventually, the flowers die and the vase leaves stains on the table.
Noodleladle - Second year graduate study
7 x 10.9 x 3.2 inch

Serve noodle and soup altogether at once.
Reduces noodle servers’ movements, annoyance and time.

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