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We deliberated on what a Shift footwear product should be and quickly honed in on bridging the gap between the over engineering of most moto boots and the good looks and walking comfort of casual shoes. There was room to apply the necessary protective features to a more comfortable chassis. From those realizations came the inspiration for a product that revolutionized motorcycle footwear.
The protective needs of a motorcyclist primarily revolve around the ankle, where the boldest feature of the boot is found. A TPU protector is stitched to the upper and bonded between it and the outsole. To ensure the boot stays on the foot we added a Velcro strap that cinches via a medial D-ring and integrates with the ankle protector. But the functional story goes beyond protection, to the interface of shoe and bike. Keeping the laces from tangling in the controls is an important safety consideration. This is addressed with two solutions; 1) the ankle strap also conceals the laces at the top and 2) the toe panel is extended up the throat and forms a loop to protect the lower laces from hanging up on the shifter and brake pedals. Lastly, more micro injected rubber was added to the toe to grip the shifter and protect it from wear. A speed lacing system further protects the laces while a slim profile allows the foot to fit nicely below the shifter and minimize foot travel when shifting.

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