A Buenos Aires based Industrial Designer currently working as Senior Designer at "Fun Marketing" (www.funmarketing.com.ar) and occasionally freelancing when opportunities arise. Having already lived in 5 different countries(Mexico, USA, Dominican Republic, Chile and Argentina), my approach to my work is not only fluently bilingual but also genuinely multicultural, offering a much wider appreciation of global markets, their diversity and their interactions. I have a constant urge to always be on the edge of whats new and innovative, and this implies a constant renewal of knowledge, training and experiences in order to be able to develop and grow as an industrial design professional. To be a designer is to be a native composer capable of delivering integrated strategic solutions that are born in the shape of a revolutionary idea and molded into tangible processes that integrate disciplines and translate into above the norm results. I have fun integrating and branching out my profession into other specialties and then watching the outcomes surprise the incredulous. I believe design and a creative thinking processes to be key in inspiring people, empowering brands, and offering truly innovative solutions to the needs of a changing world.


Internal University Recognition: 10/11 - 1st Prize - The Ergonomics of Unisex Public Bathrooms 10/11 - 1st Prize - Profesional Project Proposal 04/11 - 2nd Prize - Creative 60sec Video 06/10 - 1st Prize - Product Launch Exhibition Design 06/09 - 1st Prize - Carboard Based Seating Device 02/09 - 1st Prize - Essay on Digital Photography (ISSN 1668-5229)

Experience & Education