Backyard - This is a photograph of my backyard of my childhood house in Rochester, NY. This was a long-exposure taken with a high end digital camera with little post-production in Photoshop.
Mood Lighting - This is another image from This one in particular is of my roommate's room. He got this awesome red light and was watching TV when I set this shot up.
Paul Loves Cartwheels - This is an image of my buddy Paul doing Cartwheels. I really liked the grid in the backround and the motion of Paul's legs.
The Way Home - This is an image that I took out of an airplane window on my way back to Cleveland from Utah. I had gone for the weekend to go snowboarding.
The Cleveland Institute of Art CD-Rom
The Glen Edith Restaurant
Rock Hall
Nametag Series
Dad's Feet
qView Full Size - Promotional website for the Build Better Control contest.

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