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Origami label - Pre-folded beer label that can become a flower. Its all in your head expo 2006

It is a common phenomenon that people, in nervous situations, scratch off the label of their beer bottle. Origami label is about making something constructive out of this situation. If you follow the indications
on the label, you can fold it into a flower.
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It is all in your head - Exhibition concept, Milan furniture Fair 2006
In collaboration with: Antonia Pehrson, Maria Johansson and Isabelle Ohlsson.

A treatment of all those odd behaviors and feelings that are part of all our daily lives. Exploring these insignificant nuisances that we usually push aside, we discern many similarities in peoples behavior and thinking. The outcome is intended to be thought provoking. The objective is that you should be able to relate to the targeted situations.

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