Clecio de Lacerda - Industrail designer

Work Samples

  • furniture

  • product

  • design footwear

Work History

My interest for industrial design started when I was about ten years old. I had just read a brochure about the design of a new car model. I read about the story behind the design and how it had been tested to be very aerodynamic and easy on the eye yet practical. Then it came to my knowledge that people actually work with design as a profession so why shouldn’t I? Experienced, innovative, creative, results driven, industrial designer offering six years experience of successful designs. Recognized as a team player consistently delivering results that exceed employer and client expectations. Great sketching and 3D software abilities. To obtain a position with a strong, forward thinking, progressive company were I can fully utilize my knowledge and experience as a designer


UFCG, FEUP and UMinho