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The Phitek Nebula are economy airline headphones designed for Phitek Systems through a sponsored studio during my semester abroad at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.

After research into what stakeholders surrounding the aerospace industry we're after I designed a headphone that was both extremely low weight and low cost for both the airlines and Phiteks benefit.

The final solution arrives as a sheet of perforated polypropylene that users can fold into an over the ear headphone. For the airline’s benefit when delivered they take up only one-third the space of existing economy headphones. Due to the minimal design, the final solution costs just 10 cents per unit to manufacture.
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Because of the DIY nature of this design, users feel more attached after constructing their own set.
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Users receive their headphones on a thin sheet of polypropene with printed on construction directions which are then folded out into over ear headphones to be used on their flight and taken home.
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Multiple color and logo options are available for airlines to make the Nebula align with their brand.
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The Phitek Nebula is delivered along with onboard magazines cutting both cost and time.

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