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Joinin Design - JOININ¡¯DESIGN requires people to seek and collect varied daily things as the parts of the products to help them to achieve the functions. This kind of design intends to explore how the interactive and intimate moments between human and objects. Moments of such work intend to create an interesting environment, to be experienced individually. Like the objects themselves they are the platform for people¡¯s imagination and emotion to play, to choose and to create their own lives.
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Joinin Fan - Three clips no fan blade
So what’s next
In spring
go to seek some sweet flowers
In summer
go to seek some boards
At Christmas
go to seek some red stockings

But can I clip chicken drumsticks
But can I clip silk ribbons
Sure, why not
It’s all your life
Enjoy it
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Joinin Design - no switch
but eight pairs of electrical contacts
Each pair controls each LED part of eight.
So let’s throw some coins to it,
to see how many LED parts will be on.
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Joinin Design - Do you remember
Bell’s dingdong?
Do you remember
Coins’ jingle?
Do you remember
Leaves’s rustle?
Do you remember
Glasses’s clink?

a steel cup no bells
When time comes
the cup begins to shake
Hey tommorrow is Sunday
Let’s put a feather in it
Leave it shaking quietly
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