After choosing one criteria from the home page, a chart like this will be presented. This chart shows the number of salaried respondents for a chosen category. The higher and darker the line, the more respondents there are for that salary range. The 25th percentile, median, and 75th percentile are indicated by the orange lines. On the right, we have the total number of salaried respondents and number of freelance respondents. Freelance respondents are not included in the graph, instead their hourly rate is averaged and shown below. Just hover over a bar to see the salary range.
In addition to real-time salary data, we provide a set of info graphics describing non-monetary aspects of design employment, such as insurance benefits, job mobility and educational profiles. These charts will help paint a picture of the industry as a whole. These are also being drawn real-time as more results come in. This chart illustrates the highest level of education achieved by participants in various working environments. The size of the circle is relative to the percentage of respondents with each level of education. Below are some other infographics that we will be launching as soon as we get enough data.
This infographic looks at the total number of freelance respondents and looks at the percentages based on age brackets.
This infographic compares company size vs the number of respondents who say they receive medical insurance. The darker blue square represents the percentage that receive medical insurance benefits.
The last infographic looks at the seven predefined industries and charts the male/female ratio. Red representing female, blue representing male. We're still collecting data for these infographics, but check back soon!
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