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    Welcome to Coroflot!

    New York, NY

Hello to all my Coroflot peeps...I'm here to hi-lite all the shiny new features of Coroflot and to be your Co-pilot (hence the name "Co-pilot"). Poke around and let me know what you think!

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Work History

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE _company : Coroflot _dates employed : September 1997 to "The Death" _position : Co-pilot _responsibilities : helping users, Coroflot maintenance, keepin' it real... PERSONAL INFO _contact : co_pilot@coroflot.com _location : NYC...holler! _activities : coroflot profile stalking, design networking, yachting, spelunking, cascading style sheets, l33t, hax0r, typing on a keyboard, travel _likes : design, donuts, technology, fancy iced tea, the internet, turkish delights, design books, design mags, interrogation lighting, coffee, coffee, coffee, tea, H2O, macs, music, mystery, mars 2112, mountain dew, cheezie poofs, ergonomic seating, biking. _dislikes : lame design, raw onions in the morning, peeling ceiling paint, loud construction next door, having to force quit, those who do not "step aside" on the subway, dropped calls.



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